Frederick County (MD) Court Approved Online Parenting Classes

NOTICE If you have already taken the Level 1 recommended 6-hour Co-Parenting/Divorce class or it has been over 24 months, please register for the Level 2 6-hour Parenting Without Conflict class.

Level 1


Skills based co-parenting class for counties requiring a 6 hour mandate.


Level 2


by New Ways for Families®


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Frederick County MD provides fee waiver codes to qualified parents.

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Co-parenting Seminar for Frederick County Maryland

The co-parenting seminar is ordered by the court in all contested custody/access cases. The seminar is 6 hours in length and covers the impact of conflict on children and strategies for parents to communicate and make decision together on behalf of their children. Emphasis is placed on creating age appropriate parenting plans and preparation for mediation.